[HCM] TMF Group Tuyển Dụng Thực Tập Sinh 2016 (Mức Lương 3.000.000đ/Tháng)

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    TMF Vietnam Company Limited is one of the companies within the TMF Group, headquartered in the Netherlands. TMF is the world’s leading Global Independent Management and Accounting Outsourcing Services Group with more than 100 offices in over 75 jurisdictions around the world..

    Job Descriptions

    To fulfill the tasks assigned with sufficient coaching by experienced accountants and/or Business Service Manager including but not limited to:

    • Submitting the tax and insurance lodgments to the local tax and social insurance departments
    • Making appointments with the clients to obtain their signature for the accounting/tax/insurance reports on a timely basis
    • Declaring the monthly value added tax reports based on the availability of supporting invoices; – Reconciling the tax and insurance obligations on a timely basis of specified clients
    • Book-keeping simple accounting modules such as cash module, accounts payable/receivable module
    • Document filing
    • Other tasks upon assignment
    Job Requirements

    • Senior students or Graduates with university degree majoring in Accounting (compulsory)
    • Very strong verbal and written English skills (TOEIC>650 or equivalent)

    • Monthly allowance: 3,000,000 VND/ month
    • Participating required/advance training; ensure that skills and knowledge are met expectation and job requirement
    • Working in professional and ideal environment
    • Based on the intern’s performance and the growth of the business, the intern maybe considered for full time employment after completing 6 months internship Please sign in to send your resume online

    Work Location: Bitexco Financial Tower, 1 District, Ho Chi Minh City

    Deadline: ASAP

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