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    Join Intel-and build a better tomorrow. Intel is in the midst of an exciting transformation, with a vision to create and extend computing technology to connect and enrich the lives of every person on Earth. So join us-and help us create the next generation of technologies that will shape the future for decades to come. Corporate Services CS provides Intel employees the infrastructure and environment to create breakthrough technology that make amazing experiences possible. Our scope is vast, whether we are providing services that help employees stay productive and satisfied, or transforming how we work by providing ultra-pure water/chemicals to factory process tools, shuttling employees between sites, protecting the environment, keeping employees safe, or building and maintaining offices, labs, and factories. Our employees create a better tomorrow for all Intel employees around the world.

    Would you like to work at Intel?
    In an Intel internship, you'll gain hands-on experience while you complete your degree and gain real-life exposure to challenging and rewarding work.

    We are looking for:
    1. HR Intern
    2. HR Admin Intern
    3. Talent Acquisition Intern
    4. Accounting Intern
    5. IT Intern
    6. Internal Communications Intern
    7. Event Intern
    8. Facility Capacity Planning Automation Intern
    9. Facilities Mechanical Engineering Intern
    10. Facilities Automation Engineering Intern
    11. Facilities Electrical Engineering Intern
    12. Facilities Chemical Engineering Intern

    Qualification Requirements:

    Third year student or final year student.
    Good verbal & written English communication.
    Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
    Eager to learn, commitment to work.

    If you are interested in those positions, please visit our website through the links below for more information about Job Descriptions, Qualifications, and apply your CV.
    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions: vietnamjobs@intel.com

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