[HCM] Cơ Hội Trở Thành Thực Tập Sinh Kế Toán & Luật Tại Mercedes - Benz Vietnam 2017

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    Mercedes-Benz invented the automotive industry 130 years ago. Since its establishment, the three-pointed star has become a symbol of success for high achievers throughout the world.For 21 years now in Vietnam, Mercedes-Benz has continuously occupied a market share of above 50% in the luxury segment. It has fulfilled the car dreams of more than 25,000 customers and become a major part of Vietnam’s auto-DNA. The company offers the widest and youngest variants in the Vietnam’s luxury segment at its 11-outlets network.In 2015, Mercedes-Benz Vietnam achieved the most successful year ever since its establishment in 1995 with 3.600 cars sold breaking the all-time record of the premium auto market. With a growth of 50%, Vietnam is one of 3 fastest growing markets of Mercedes-Benz in Asia. 2016, known as the “Year of SUV” of MBV, is marked with the launch of the full SUV line-up from GLA to GLS. Especially, the GLC became the best-selling premium model in Vietnam after being launched in April 2016.

    We are currently looking for positions Accounting Intern and Legal Intern

    1. Who can apply for this internship opportunity?

    3rd/4th year university students (related majors include Accounting, Auditing and Finance are preferred)
    Can commit to work full-time in 6 months (8 hours/day & 5 days/week)
    Willing to learn
    Good at writing and speaking English
    Have interest and desire to learn new skills, experience new things

    2. Benefits

    Work in a dynamic and professional environment
    Develop skills such as communication skill, solving problem skill, teamwork skill, ect.
    Provided lunch & free parking fee during the internship period
    Monthly allowance
    Join in many activities & benefits of the company, such as: team building, party, insurance program, ect.

    Company's address: Quang Trung Str., Go Vap District, HCMC

    3. How to apply

    If you are interested in these internship positions, please send us your CV (in English) to the email address huyen.vu_ngoc@daimler.com with the subject following structure: [Internship Application][Accounting/Legal Intern] [Your full name]

    Deadline: 28th August, 2017

    Notice: Only limited numbers of suitable CVs will be contacted via email/phone

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